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A lifejacket specially developed for fly fishing. This is shorter in model than our other inflatable vests to fit with waders. Gas cartridge and valve are located on the left side of the vest so as not to disturb the user when casting their line. Please note that this model is with manual inflation! Carrying capacity 165N and is classified as a lifejacket. A lifejacket saves lives. It is designed to always turn the user to a supine position and keep the airways clear above the water surface by a good margin, even if the user is unconsciousness or cannot swim. Lifejackets are available with inflatable lung or with solid buoyant material, common to all is that in the activated position they have most of the buoyancy on the front and a sturdy collar that supports and holds up the head. A lifejacket is the obvious choice for people who cannot swim. Lifejackets always have a carrying capacity of at least 100N. The inflatable models are divided into different classes depending on the conditions under which they are to be used. An automatic lifejacket inflates when the user ends up in the water, while a manual lifejacket must be activated by the user.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Short modell
  • Manual inflation

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