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When you are looking for a life jacket for kayaking, the key is to remember that when paddling you move in a very unique way. As you remain seated, this provides very different conditions to other watersports and that requires a different style, cut and use of materials. At market-leading Baltic, we look to design the world's best life jacket for kayaking, and this led to a collaboration with Sweden's leading kayak experts at Melker of Sweden. The best possible mobility was the goal. If you paddle a sea kayak, the trips can be long, this makes the fit and functionality absolutely crucial. Perfect fit for a life jacket for kayaking requires a lot of thought and a special cut. Both men and women need many adjustment points, easily accessible pockets and special storage so you know where everything is. As always your safety is paramount.


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  • Hydration Pack

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  • baltic-canoe-basic-flytvast-rod-5400-1.jpg

    Canoe Basic Buoyancy aid

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  • baltic-paddler-flytvast-uv-gul-svart-5613-1.jpg

    Paddler Buoyancy aid

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  • baltic-canoe-flytvast-gul-marin-5518-1.jpg

    Canoe Buoyancy aid

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  • baltic-canoe-hydro-flytvast-orange-marin-5600-1.jpg

    Canoe Hydro Buoyancy aid

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  • baltic-radial-flytvast-rod-5420-1.jpg

    Radial Buoyancy aid

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  • Radial E.I Buoyancy Aid

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  • Adventure Buoyancy aid

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  • baltic-x4-flytvast-reflex-svart-5230-1.jpg

    X4 Buoyancy aid

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Showing all 9 results