Company policy

Baltic Safety Products AB policy of ethical trading is based upon the principles and basic rights defined by the United Nations (UN), International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).

We will as far as it is reasonable and practically viable will ensure that our own activities, suppliers and sub-contractors will follow this policy.

Safe, hygienic working conditions

Safe and hygienic working environment shall be provided. There must be a continuous policy in place to prevent accidents and health risks associated with the working environment.


Employment freely chosen

There shall be no forced or involuntary labour. Workers must not be required to leave deposits or identity papers with their employer and shall have the freedom to leave their employment after statutory notice.


Child labour shall not be used

There shall be no child labour or recruitment of child labour. For the definition of a child we refer to the ilo minimum age convention no. 138. Persons under the age of 18 ( years ) shall not to be hired for work in dangerous environments.


Reasonable wages and terms of employment

Wages, benefits and terms of employment shall not be below the minimum of both national and international standards. Employees shall be informed of their terms of employment by notice and in writing.


Reasonable working hours

Both the length of the working day and the total amount of working hours per month shall not exceed national or international laws and standards.



Regular form of employment

Work performed must be under regulated terms of employment accepted by both national and international law.


No discrimination

There shall be no discrimination in hiring, compensation, training, promotion, termination or retirement based on race, caste, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or political affiliation.


No insulting or inhuman treatment

No physical or mental abuse, threats or harassment of any kind including sexual, verbal and non-verbal, or any other kind of degrading treatment can be accepted.


This policy is considered as the lowest standard that we at baltic safety products ab can set ourselves our suppliers and sub-contractors. Baltic safety products ab strive to ensure our suppliers and sub-contractors make their employees aware of this policy.

Issue 2, 2016-01-19
Baltic Safety Products AB. Älgarås, Sverige