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Why inspection is so important! Inflatable lifejackets must be inspected regardless of whether they have been inflated or not. An annual inspection is carried out by our certified service stations or directly from us at Baltic. Regularly servicing your inflatable lifejacket also extends its life span. We at Baltic want our products to be used for many years, in that way we can reduce the burden on our environment.

When ordering a service from us, you will receive a prepaid delivery note emailed to your specified email address the next working day. Pack your life jacket(s) in a bag or box and hand it in to the nearest Postnord agent.

Estimated time before you get your serviced life jackets back is about 2 weeks.

What´s included in a service?

The following is checked:

- Outer casing, straps/straps, seams, and buckles

- Reflectors, lifting loop, whistle and emergency lights if fitted

- Inflatable Bladder control

- Leak test of the inflatable bladder

- Control of mouth valve

- Gas cartridge, weight and corrosion

- Manual operation of the inflation valve

- Cartridge (UM/Bobbin (HR)

- Assembling

- Completion of the vest's service history

- Packing of life jacket, and checking of velcro/zipper

If the life jacket must be discarded, there will be no charge.

Contact for any questions about service of inflatable life jackets.

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