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General questions about lifejackets

How do I wash my product from Baltic?

Baltic products should be hand washed in lukewarm water with a mild detergent.

What is the recommended lifespan on a Baltic product?

The recommended lifespan on lifejackets from Baltic is ten years. However, if you regularly control your lifejacket and take care of it, it will last for more than ten years. If you are unsure, test your lifejacket under controlled conditions in an environment where you feel safe without a lifejacket. You can also contact us at Baltic and we will help you make a statement.

Can I find out how old my lifejacket is?

Inside your lifejacket is a label with a model number, the first four digits of the model number indicate the year and month of manufacture. For example, 2112xxxx shows that your lifejacket is made in 2021 in December.

What about the warranty?

We provide a five (5) year warranty on our safety products with the exception of floating clothing which has a warranty period of two (2) years. We provide a two-year guarantee on other clothing. The guarantee only applies to material or production defects. The warranty only covers the repair of the product, or exchange for a new equivalent product. The guarantee presupposes that the product has only been used for private use, has not been exposed to an accident and that normal care has been applied and the instructions for use have been followed. If there is anything else that deviates from your order, contact us at webshop@baltic.se.

The weight indication on the lifejacket is too little / too much but the size suits me best, can I choose this lifejacket?

The most important thing is that the lifejacket has a good fit, so do not only look at the weight indication on the lifejacket. The weight indication is more of a size division than the recommended weight. Even if you weigh more than the weight indication indicates, you will float by a good margin. Are you still unsure? Contact us at webshop@baltic.se.

What should I keep in mind when choosing a lifejacket?

There are many different models of life jackets to choose from, start by finding out which model suits you best based on what you are going to use the lifejacket for. HERE you can read more about which type of lifejacket that suits different purposes and what to keep in mind when choosing a lifejacket.


General questions about inflatable lifejackets

How often should I change the cartridge in my inflatable lifejacket?

On your existing cartridge is there is best before date, when this date has passed you should change it. A new cartridge lasts for about 2 years. By doing the annual service of your inflatable life jacket, you ensure that you always have a fresh cartridge. HERE you will find Baltic service stations near you.

How often should I change the CO2 cylinder in my inflatable lifejacket?

The CO2 cylinder only needs to be replaced when your lifejacket has been deployed or if there is visible damage to the cylinder. By doing the annual service, you ensure that the CO2 cylinder is in good condition.HERE you will find Baltic service stations near you.

How often should I do a service my inflatable lifejacket?

Service on inflatable lifejackets must be performed annually by a Baltic-certified service agent. Failure to service the product may result in the warranty not being valid. You can find Baltic service agentsHERE

Even though my cartridge has passed its best before date, does it still show green?

Even though your Cartridge has passed its best before date, it will trigger if you end up in water. However, the risk increases that your lifejacket will inflate unexpectedly, in for example heavy rain, this is because the Cartridge over time become “saturated” with moisture.

What does SLA mean after the name of some inflatable lifejackets?

SLA means that the lifejacket is equipped with sprayhood, emergency lights that are activated manually or when immersed in water and have a bracket for AIS transmitters (Automatic Identification System, available accessories not included).

What is Caspule UML and Cartridge United Molders?

Caspule UML and Cartridge United Molders are two different variants of triggers for inflatable lifejackets. It´s the trigger that makes your lifejacket automatically inflate when it comes in contact with water. When the trigger comes in contact with water, a spike from the cartridge breaks the perforation that is on the CO2 cylinder and the lung on the inflatable lifejacket is filled with harmless, food-grade carbon dioxide.

Which cartridge fits my life jacket?

Inside the lifejacket on the bladder, information is printed about which trigger fits your lifejacket. There are three different variants of triggers, Hammers, Caspule UML and Cartridge United Molders. You can easily find the right trigger for your lifejacket by searching for the model number that you find printed on the lung in the search function on our website.

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