A life jacket from Baltic always protects. It provides maximum safety for the wearer when on the water, from kayaking to jet skiing, dinghy sailing to an ocean liner. Life on water cannot be risk-free, which is why every detail, every material and every seam on a Baltic life jacket is of the highest possible quality. For us, the fit is a mark of integrity. It is the one that allows you to always move naturally and feel comfortable even after many hours on the water. Therefore, the fit is a matter of safety. Baltic life jackets are designed based on our anatomy. For this reason, we are the only ones in the world to have life jackets specially cut for the woman's shape. A combination of the right proportions together with the right sizing, give the perfect fit. A life jacket from Baltic is second to none. Of course, our life jackets can be worn by both men and women, but we maintain a breadth in construction, design and colour that is unsurpassed. All for the highest possible safety on the water.


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  • baltic-force-190-sele-flytvast-svart-1725-1.jpg

    Force 190 Harness

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  • baltic-force-190-sele-hammar-flytvast-svart-1726-1.jpg

    Force 190 Hammar

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  • baltic-hamble-flytvast-svart-5575-1.jpg

    Hamble Floatation jacket

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  • baltic-carbon-305-sele-flytvast-svart-2878-1.jpg

    Carbon 305 Harness

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  • baltic-polaris-flytoverall-svart-5790-1.jpg

    Polaris floatation suit

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  • baltic-amarok-flytoverall-rod-svart-5792-1.jpg

    Amarok Flotation suit

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  • baltic-force-190-sele-sla-flytvast-svart-1735-1.jpg

    Force 190 Harness SLA Lifejacket

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  • baltic-hybrid-220-manuell-flytvast-svart-1700-1.jpg

    Hybrid 220 Manual

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  • baltic-hybrid-220-auto-flytvast-rod-1711-1.jpg

    Hybrid 220 Auto Lifejacket

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Showing 49–57 of 57 results