Force 190 Hammar





  •  5 year warranty
  •  Hammer valve
  • Integrated safety harnes
  • Designed in Sweden
  • Made in Europe
  • CE-approved
Force is an inflatible lifejacket specially developed for tough racing conditions. The inflation takes place with a Swedish-made hydrostatic automatic valve model Hammar MA1. The hammer valve means that the lifejacket releases from the changing water pressure that occurs if the user falls into the water. Thanks to its ergonomic design, this lifejacket sits comfortably even for prolonged periods. Integrated safety harness with double loops to attach the lifeline to, detachable crotch strap and whistle. Carrying capacity of 190N and is classified as a lifejacket.A lifejacket saves lives. It is designed to always turn the user to a supine position and keep the airways clear above the water surface by a good margin, even if the user is unconsciousness or cannot swim. Lifejackets are available with inflatable lung or with solid buoyant material, common to all is that in the activated position they have most of the buoyancy on the front and a sturdy collar that supports and holds up the head. A lifejacket is the obvious choice for people who cannot swim. Lifejackets always have a carrying capacity of at least 100N. The inflatable models are divided into different classes depending on the conditions under which they are to be used. An automatic lifejacket inflates when the user ends up in the water, while a manual lifejacket must be activated by the user.Hammar MA1 is an automatic inflation valve with a hydrostatic activation trigger. This means that it automatically activates at a water depth of about 10 cm and quickly fills the inflatable life jacket with CO2 gas.If you want do know more about Hammar Valves, can you learn more HERE.Thanks to this unique function, the lifejacket is only inflated once the person is in the water and in need of the extra carrying capacity


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