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Trigger Cartridge United Moulder for Baltic inflatable life jackets. When you buy a new inflatable life jacket, it comes complete with CO2 cartridge and trigger, if your inflatable life jacket trips, you need to reload it with a new gas cartridge and trigger. You can easily do this yourself by following this guide, as well as using the right spare parts for your life jacket. How do I know which trigger fits my inflatable life jacket? Inside the life jacket on the inflatable lung, information is printed on which gas cartridge fits your life jacket. For example "USE ONLY BALTIC Cartridge UM # 2520" You can easily find the right trigger for your life jacket by searching for the article number that you find printed on the inflatable lung, in the search function on our website. Before each use of your inflatable life jacket, we recommend that a self-check is performed. HERE you can read about how to carry out a self-check. Your inflatable life jacket from Baltic must be serviced once a year by a BALTIC certified service station. Failure to service the product may result in the warranty not being valid.

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A testament to our success is that the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS), has entrusted us with the development of their own life jacket. Few organisations know more about saving lives on the water than the SSRS.

Johan Lövqvist VD på baltic