Supreme 2 hook Safety line



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  • 5-year warranty
  • Length 2m
  • Approved according to EN ISO 12401: 2009

A safety line together with a safety harness or life jacket with integrated safety harness is a good way to avoid falling overboard, or if you fall overboard be able to get on board again.Baltic Supreme 2-hook is a strong elastic safety line made from UV-stabilized polyamide. Equipped with an overload indicator; this shows if the line has been subjected to such a heavy load that the line must be replaced. Two double action safety hooks.Special carbine hooks in aluminum of rock-climbing quality and design. Length 2m. Baltic safety lines are approved according to EN ISO 12401: 2009.

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A testament to our success is that the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS), has entrusted us with the development of their own life jacket. Few organisations know more about saving lives on the water than the SSRS.

Johan Lövqvist VD på baltic

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