Flipper Buoyancy aid





The reversible life jacket Flipper has a down vest similar to the design, with sewn channels. This makes the life jacket very compliant and provides a good fit regardless of gender. Approved according to the same standard as a standard 50N life jacket. The reversible design means that you get two life jackets in one, with zippered pockets on both sides. Flippers are a longer model than traditional sailing vests and therefore provide a little extra warmth on cooler days. Available in the colors navy / red, black / blue and gray / black and in the size range 50-100 + kg. 50N load-bearing capacity and is classified as a buoyancy aid. A lifejacket that has a carrying capacity of 50 Newtons, is classified as a buoyancy aid and sometimes referred to as a sailing vest. They have a slightly simpler design than lifejackets. A 50N lifejacket keeps you afloat by a good margin but lacks a collar to support your head. It has the buoyancy force more evenly distributed between the front and back and therefore does not guarantee to turn an unconscious person to a supine position. 50N lifejacket is therefore recommended for swimmers who weigh at least 25kg.

  • Unisex
  • 2 year warranty
  • Reversible design
  • Designed in Sweden
  • Made in Europe

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