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A safety harness is a good complement to your life jacket if it lacks an integrated safety harness and you are going out in bad weather. If you use an inflatable life jacket, it should always sit under the vest and firmly on the body. Baltic safety harness for adults is approved for national and international racing according to the World Sailing OSR. Support plate in the back provides a good fit and two toggles to attach to foul weather clothing, meaning that the safety harness sits firmly on the body. Easy to adjust shoulder and waist straps and retro-reflective tape on one shoulder. Strong buckles and D-ring in acid-resistant stainless steel, its properties provide good resistance to corrosion.

  • 5-year warranty
  • World Sailing OSR approved
  • Good fit


Rinse the safety line in fresh water after use in salt water

Continuously inspect seams and bands for signs of wear

Store dry and protected from sunlight

Replace the safety line if it shows signs of wear

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