Regarding the Swedish Consumer Agency´s market investigation:

The Swedish Consumer Agency has decided on a requirement for all inflatable lifejackets to be equipped with a cylinder retainer, this requirement applies for all brands/actors on the Swedish market.

The requested solution is a standard feature on all inflatable lifejackets manufactured by BALTIC Safety Products AB, therefore products from BALTIC are not affected by the recall/control from the Swedish Consumer Agency.

All Baltic inflatable lifejackets in the Industrial range made from 01/02/2013 and all other Baltic inflatable lifejackets from 01/09/2013 are equipped with a cylinder retainer (see pictures) to ensure that the CO2 cylinder cannot be released. Also check that the cylinder retainer o-ring is intact, if necessary it should be replaced with a new one provided free of charge by Baltic. As per our service instructions, all our inflatable lifejackets should be serviced once a year or alternatively a self-check can be performed according to our instructions, see: If the annual service/inspection has not been done since 2013, please contact one of our service stations or alternatively us at Baltic to service the lifejacket and if necessary have a retainer mounted free of charge. Our customer service can be reached at +46 506-36990 , +44 2380457272 (UK) or [email protected], [email protected] (UK)